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Using WiseMetric’s
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The platform for ecommerce managers to put the spotlight on their products with value-adding insights

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Get an overview of the big picture, then dive into the details

There needs to be a better way for ecommerce businesses to manage complex decisions and integrate siloed metrics from PIM, Google Analytics and spreadsheets - all in one place.

That's why we built WiseMetrics, to help make Ecommerce Managers successful on four fronts:

1. Understanding their product data quality.
2. Optimizing their data based on industry best-practices across specific marketing channels.
3. Understanding how and why their products perform the way they do.
4. Focusing on products that make their business successful.

Turn your data into value-adding decisions


Send us your Product feeds, Sales & Traffic Analytics, Competitor monitoring, Image analysis - all the data you need from any data source.

Analyze and understand

What value does product optimization bring?

Get insights into all the trends and changes which will bring the biggest benefits to your products.

Suggest and act

Act on these suggestions and predictions on a product, brand and category level immediately.

Solve the issues at hand and reap the rewards in ROI and revenue.

Become the expert

Get empowered to become the unquestionable expert on your ecommerce products.

Feed your data into any tool, channel or platform you like.

Never miss a purchase opportunity
Do you know which products are performing well - and why they are doing so?

Pricing which isn't optimal, fields which are missing or low resolution images can be the difference between a shopper choosing your products vs your competitors'.

WiseMetrics comes in to provide insights and automate all your improvements, meaning you save time and always reach your customers with perfect Ecommerce product ads.

We created WiseMetrics to solve the daily struggles which ecommerce professionals face:

"How can I ensure the data I'm sending to Google Shopping and Facebook DPAs is of high quality, so I know my products will always be approved and perform well?"

"Where can I get an overview of the opportunities to optimize my product data, so I can take action and make sure my customers see the correct information in my ads?"

"Can I easily filter out products based on brands, categories, price range, so I can focus my attention on the most important issues within my product data?"

"How can I understand the traffic sources of my products so I can better focus on improving my digital marketing strategy?"

WiseMetrics removes the guesswork when it comes to making value-adding optimizations that drive profits from your product listings.

Discover, prepare, and analyze all your product data, then deploy and track optimizations at scale

The result?
Your customers see informative, engaging ads at the right time, meaning you increase revenue, lifetime value and upsell opportunities.

What does WiseMetrics offer eCommerce brands and retailers?

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WiseMetrics is definitely valuable for us to understand how the quality of the data correlates with the business outcomes we see.


Hans-Henning Nielsen

eCommerce Manager | Quickparts

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A tool like WiseMetrics makes it easier for us to understand the current performance of our ecommerce campaigns and how to plan the next steps.


Stefan Hadlin

Marketing automation manager | Fyndiq

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