Getting started with WiseMetrics

WiseMetrics is a dedicated product data quality optimization and performance tracking system that helps you focus your paid advertising efforts on the right products, brands and categories.

The product insights WiseMetrics provides shows ecommerce professionals how their products are performing, what their users want, and how to retain them. Product insights simultaneously drives better customer overviews and data-based decision making by collecting and interpreting all product-related data.

In short, product analytics provides an automated method to analyse product and sales performance to give a more effective and efficient experience to your potential customers.

Lack of insights = Missed Opportunities

Respond to changes in performance just a few minutes after they occur, as well as automatically respond to trends that arise on external channels.

This solution creates great value for you, as it allows you to make relevant marketing optimization decisions that will increase online sales and conversions - based on data from your own portfolio.

Let's take a look through the platform andhow to get started:

Optimize tab

Get product data quality insights and optimization suggestions, structured in a easy way so you know where to focus your efforts.

Optimize tab

Products tab

Get a quick overview of the products in your catalog, filter what is important for you and start optimizing them individually or in bulk.

Products tab

Brand & Categories tabs

Get a quick overview of the brands and categories available in your catalog, along with information as stock and price distribution per brand.

Categories tab


Ready to send your optimized data to Google Shopping or Facebook? Get the feed URL and connect it to your desired account.

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