How can WiseMetrics help you grow?

From speaking with hundreds of eCommerce managers over the years, we've learned that the best digital marketers are successful on four fronts:

  1. Understanding their product data quality.
  2. Optimizing their data based on industry best-practices across specific marketing channels.
  3. Understanding how and why their products perform the way they do across those different marketing channels.
  4. Focus on products that make their business successful.
animation of how WiseMetrics works with product icons moving in and revealing issues

But today, inputs from different data sources are often scattered across multiple systems: PIM, ERP, internal sales reports, Google Analytics, feed management tools, data visualization tools...the list goes on...and on.

Meanwhile, product performance data is captured in spreadsheets, complex Google Analytics reports, endless dashboards or, at worst, nowhere to be found in an easy to understand format.

None of these formats are optimized to help you prioritize around clear objectives or zoom out for the big picture. At worst, they give you and understanding of past results without any actual context of why certain products, brands or categories are not performing as you would expect.

As a modern eCommerce manager, you need a better way to manage the complex decisions you must routinely make that will impact the success of your online product sales, and your entire organization.

You need a better system for helping you make the right decisions and align everyone on what's coming next.

That's why we built WiseMetrics.

Ready to see exactly how a dedicated product data optimization and performance tracking system can help?

Start getting valuable insights.

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