How to build long term revenue through ecommerce product insights

As companies are adapting to a new normal we see significant growth in eCommerce and omnichannel. Ecommerce has become highly competitive nowadays with revenue and profit earned from every marginal gain. As a modern eCommerce manager or product manager, you need a better way of managing critical decisions that directly impacts your online sales and revenue.

In such a scenario, product analytics holds great potential to empower the online retailer in a way that they can showcase their product catalogue more effectively with real-time insights.

Get the insights you need

Product feed management tools, like WiseMetrics, allow you to import your product feed and get instant insights and suggestions for improvements. Getting actionable insights with options to fix the problems straight in the application makes life much easier for ecommerce managers.

Animation of how WiseMetrics works, import products, get insights, fix issues and export optimized feed

Fix missing titles, descriptions, brands, GTINs and other attributes. You will even be able to find outliers based prices. Bulk editing allows you to add/change a product attribute on several products without opening and closing them individually.  

Improve conversion rates and reduce costs

Product feed insights can be leveraged to improve your conversion rates. By taking action on the problems highlighted in the WiseMetrics product feed analysis, you can improve the quality of your feed directly on the platform. When all your data is optimised you can be certain that your feed will live up to the requirements of your chosen advertising channel - which increases the quality of your entire feed, resulting in better ranking on listings which again results in more relevant clicks and hopefully conversion. 

Add missing product data to get better performing ads

Set yourself up for success and growth

By not wasting money on poorly performing ads, you can be confident that the ads you do pay for will actually benefit your business and that you can scale up while being efficient. Using a tool like WiseMetrics allows you to come back and check the health of your feed whenever you want. 

‍Test you own product feed today

If you are unsure whether your product feed can be improved, you can use the WiseMetrics product feed analyser and get instant recommendations. 

Simply grab your product feed URL and paste it into WiseMetrics to get started.  

If you have any problems along the way, feel free to reach out - we are here to help.

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