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Is it really free?

Yes! We are currently in our Beta stage, so are offering free access to the platform for 3 months.

Plug n Play. No Credit Card required.

Are there any setup fees?

Nope!  Once we move from our free Beta, prices will simply be based on the number of SKUs in your feed.

You can see post-beta pricing at the bottom of this page.

Forthcoming Features

By signing up to Beta-access of the WiseMetrics platform now, you get the unique
opportunity to shape the direction of our product.

Below, we've outlined a list of the features we have already implemented, and a selection those which our existing audience of ecommerce professionals have said they would like to see, from Google Analytics data, PIM/CMS integrations, profit tracking, Competitor Monitoring and Price Tracking.

Data quality check
Unlimited Editing
Bulk editing
email reports
download feed
Set rules
download reports
Google analytics
PIM/CMS/ERP systems
Product Performance
market comparisons
competitor pricing
bestseller Highlight
profitability Measure

Once you create an account and start exploring WiseMetrics, reach out to us at any time about any tools or features you'd like to see included in our roadmap for 2021.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use WiseMetrics?

We know that eCommerce managers need a single tool to help predict how the quality of their product data affects the profitability of their business.

We want to empower you to understand and benefit from your quality product data, no matter your company size or business goals. Through data quality test & optimization suggestions, you can:

- Act on industry-benchmarked data issues with bulk editing tools
- Combine your product catalog with performance data (Google Analytics, cost data, sales reports, price benchmark etc.)
- And use dynamic dashboards with a transparent overview of the profitability of your products.

What is the Data Quality Check from WiseMetrics?

The Data Quality Check is a in-platform assessment run on every product catalog which is imported. Using Google and Facebook standards, and using recommendations tailored to your ecommerce industry, we run thousands of checks on every piece of product data in your feed.

In minutes, the data quality check will provide you with detailed, color-coded insights into where your data quality can be improved, alongside all the tools to make the changes to all affected products immediately.

Can I download product changes to my own ecommerce store?

Certainly. Once you are happy with the insights you have received from WiseMetrics, and the changes you choose to make, you can choose to download any recommendations as an XML, CSV, Excel doc or as an email - for use externally in ecommerce channels and internally with your own online store.

Will my data be private and safe?

We take data security seriously at WiseMetrics. We are cloud-based, so you can be certain that your data is always secure and protected.

Have more questions?

Meeting booking link here. Reach out to us. Live support is available 9AM-5PM CEST Mon-Fri
Email us any time, you’ll receive a prompt and thorough response.

Prices after official launch (Q1 2021):

Our pricing model will be based on the number of Stock Keeping Units (SKUs) in each feed.


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