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Case Study example:

An ecommerce manager for an online store wants to start a new campaign on Google Shopping. As it is a new line of products, she is unsure of the data quality, so wants to run a quick assessment on her catalog before implementing the campaign.

illustration of products, their data quality is unknown


The Google product feed for the new campaign is loaded into the WiseMetrics platform in a matter of minutes.

2: Report

WiseMetrics immediately provides insights into the ecommerce managers' data quality, using industry standards to assess quality.

Including duplicate product images or unique IDs.

Missing key factors like color, material, or brand.

Product titles and descriptions are too short.

When it comes to online shopping these issues can all negatively impact your product listings' performance.

3: act

Using WiseMetric’s in-platform tools, the ecommerce manager can now edit specific product listings and quickly fix any of the highlighted issues in bulk.

Compared to other product management systems, WiseMetrics is agile, letting users create filters to rapidly apply changes to any products in their feed.

4: export

The data is then syndicated for Google or Facebook and immediately available to our ecommerce manager as a CSV or XML file.

She can now implement her campaign and be assured that her product data is the best possible quality.

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